Shafik Hirji’s 77-Year-Old Father, Shamshudin Hirji, Allegedly Has White S550 Mercedes Sedan Repossessed

Similar Mercedes model S500 to the one repossessed.

It seems like people are coming out of the woodwork giving us information when it comes to Shafik Hirji. I’ve never seen such an outpouring and outcry around one individual. When it comes to Mr. Big Shot, Shafik Hirji, just when you think you’ve seen it all, the story gets even better. (Remember that son of his who at the time was 22 years old when he filed bankruptcy showing $2.8 million in debt he couldn’t repay?)

In further proof that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to Shafik Hirji and his family, I’ve discovered that Shafik Hirji’s father, Shamshudin Popat Hirji, 77, allegedly purchased two white Mercedes Benz S550 sedans (just like the one shown above) on the same day several years ago. The 77-year-old father must have had some serious coin to be able to pull off that kind of a purchase. (Retirement must be good for him.) At the time of purchase, the sticker prices of those cars would have been around $100,000 each.

And interestingly enough, Shamshudin Hirji allegedly showed that a source of his income was through his employment by none other than Purrfect Auto. Where have we seen that ploy before?!? Remember Brandy Brown and her Mercedes Benz sedan story?

And then, a couple of years after that purchase, we were told by a very credible third party that one of those two S550 sedans allegedly was repossessed by Mercedes Benz credit.

Remember, Shafik can’t qualify for any amount of loan based on the judgments he’s had in his name in his past. And don’t forget the state of Nevada’s $300,000-plus judgment that’s still outstanding. Shafik allegedly useless nominees (like his father, sons and daughters) to purchase very expensive Mercedes Benz’s, BMW’s, and lease expensive homes.

Now, in my opinion, who does this to his father? Who allegedly sets up his 77-year-old father to buy two high-end Mercedes sedans, and then lets one of them go to the repo man for whatever reason? I guess this Hirji family operates under a different set of ethics and morals than most people. They allegedly seem to think nothing of handling things this way. And in my humble opinion, it’s all so unnecessary. Shafik makes a lot of money operating his various straw businesses (which have shrunk considerably over the past few months) using nominees. His businesses include a number of Purrfect Auto Service shops, a number of USA Auto Service locations and three Furniture Fashions stores (a fourth one closed). At one time his shrinking micro-mini empire also included two Champagne Salon & Spas, Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant and the Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar; all of those have closed, however, over the past few months.

Shafik Hirji definitely exists in a different world.

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