Shafik Hirji, Shafik Brown & Yasmin Brown Have Moved to
2680 Botticelli Drive in Henderson, Nevada
(A Public Service Announcement)

I’m tracking Shafik Hirji and I’ve learned he’s moved. Shafik, whose M.O. is to try to be as elusive as possible in all ways in my opinion, has changed residences. He’s no longer at his old place (actually places) on Jacaranda Bay. He’s now moved into a Seven Hills neighborhood at 2680 Botticelli Drive in Henderson, Nevada with his son, Shafik Brown, and daughter, Yasmin Brown.

On Wednesday June 7, 2017 in the evening, a trademark Furniture Fashions “ghetto” moving truck (broken down old, used U-Haul truck) was seen directly in front of 2680 Botticelli Drive unloading furniture. On Friday, June 9, 2017, at approximately 9:20 am, Shafik Hirji was served with my lawsuit. I have been told that the two old houses on Jacaranda Bay were trashed to some degree. I was told by one person that the swimming pool at one of the houses was a completely funky green color. I truly look forward to moving into the discovery phase of this lawsuit. It will be exciting to hear Shafik’s lawyer, Harry P. Marquis, explain how he’s been paid and directed by Shafik, yet Shafik claims he has no ownership or interest in the Furniture Fashions stores and various other entities.

I guess I’m tipping my hand a bit. I usually don’t publish personal details or addresses, but from the outcry of the community and the various news stories on KTNV Action News Channel 13 (check out the latest here: UPDATE: More upset customers come forward after unexpected salon closing) around the closing of the two Champagne Salon & Spas, it allegedly looks as if Hirji and the Browns have stiffed many people, in my opinion. I find it interesting that the reporting still does not name the owner of the salons. Perhaps because Shafik Hirji exists only as a straw owner and allegedly uses nominees to be the front persons for his various businesses, and News Channel 13 thought it was prudent just to leave the ownership question out of the story.

But I thought it was important not force others to go through the pain and struggle to find out how to find Shafik Hirji, Shafik Brown and Yasmin Brown, and where they’ve moved to. Anyone wishing further information on Shafik, please contact me on the Shafik hotline (702-353-6644) or by email. I consider publishing this information to be a public service to this community.

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  1. Melissa

    I too was stuffed on 2 weeks pay… if you need a witness or anyone to testify on the shady-ness of what was going on behind closed doors please feel free to contact me.


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