Shafik Hirji, I Have a Question: Is Bankruptcy the Next Exit for Your Family Member Who Signed on the Dotted Line?

Shafik, what family member gets a turn at filing bankruptcy to wipe away your latest business shenanigans?

Can you imagine having to carry the financial burden of:
   a) Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant (Boulevard Mall)
   b) Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar (Boulevard Mall)
   c) Furniture Fashions store #2 (Boulevard Mall)
   d) Champagne Salon & Spas location #1 (Eastern Avenue)
   d) Champagne Salon & Spas location #2 (Eastern Avenue)

One person, who allegedly claimed to be a former employee stated the the rent for those five places was in excess of $100,000 a month. And this employee said Hirji had been allegedly evicted for not making his monthly lease payment.

What landlord would let over $1.2 million in revenue per year from these businesses simply walk out the door? And I was told that these leases were for multiple years. Just do the simple math.

Isn’t that the way it goes, Shafik? You get in trouble with a business, and you save your butt by having a family member take the fall via bankruptcy — in my opinion, from the research I’ve done.

Isn’t that what happened with your estranged wife, Judy Pham (Case No. 09-19526-lbr from June 2009)? Isn’t that what happened once in the past with a family member who was 22 years old at the time of the bankruptcy filing in 2008? And by the way, how can a 22-year-old amass more than $2.7 million in debt so that he would even have to file bankruptcy (Case No. 08-10782-mkn from January 2008)? You play the shell game very well, Shafik: “Wait, don’t look at me, I don’t have any money. Look over there. It’s my family member — he’s got all the money. You have to go after him.” Then, boom! The bankruptcy filing drops.

Shafik will openly admit that he’s only a guarantor who owns nothing and has nothing in his name. In the real world, Shafik uses nominees to lease homes, expensive cars, and companions. Quite a life, eh? Responsible for nothing but reaping all the rewards.

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