Permanently Closed, All Locations — Champagne Salon & Spas (2), Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar, Furniture Fashions #2

It appears that Shafik Hirji’s micro-mini empire (what a joke!) is disappearing before his very eyes. The only thing that appears to be prospering and still intact is that TERRIBLE TOUPEE!!

Most recently, the two Champagne Salon & Spas locations on Eastern Avenue were closed down and the signs stripped from the facade above the businesses entrances. Previously, Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, the Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant and the second Furniture Fashions store, all in the Boulevard Mall — also were shuttered.

That’s a lot of business and a lot of revenue getting flushed down the drain, not to mention the hit to the reputation of Shafik and his businesses — although, in my opinion — he doesn’t seem to be too worried about that.

Customers have been left with money already spent at the businesses with nothing to show, dozens of employees have found themselves suddenly unemployed with no warning, and suppliers have been cut off from making sales. That’s a whole lotta stuff going on.

Future potential business partners: I would highly recommend that you should study Shafik Hirji’s business practices we’ve uncovered on this website. It’s been a continual downslide for Hirji and his various entities. I’m wondering how much longer this ship will float.

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  1. Sydney Wise

    I was an employee at champagne salon and spa #1. I got yelled at when I said that Shaifk was the owner by mine personal. I was always felt sexual harassed by him when he would come into the salon, always looking me up and down and saying just down right dirty things.
    I was left without my last pay check. My husband used to work at Purrfect Auto for Judy he quit right after champagne closed and he still a month later has not gotten his last check.
    I have photos of it saying Shaifk was paying the monthly fee for booker inside both locations inside Champagne.


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