Attention Nevada Attorney General’s Office: Shafik Hirji Still Owes Over $300,000 – Time to Collect!

How can a guy who spends over $100,000 a year on three Mercedes, has at least three residences and a litany of other businesses get away with owing the great State of Nevada over $300,000. I find this disgusting and sickening to say the least. Not to mention his alleged pay-for-play girlfriend to the tune of $7500 a month — Brandy Brown, a k a Brandy “Blu”.

The three Mercedes of Shafik Hirji.

Shafik Hirji, one-time owner of Purrfect Auto Service shops in the Nevada and California area, was slapped with a default judgment and permanent injunction several years back by the State of Nevada’s Attorney General’s office barring him from:

“continuing to engage or participate in the automotive repair business in any manner, either directly or indirectly”

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