Shafik Hirji: SH*T JUST GOT REAL – What was the Relationship Between Hirji, Dr. Jagjit Sehdeva, and Noorali Virani?

As a result of my efforts to shed light on Shafik Hirji and how he handles his businesses and his personal life, and how he’s trying to screw me out of half ownership of a 42,000-square-foot furniture store in Henderson at the corner of Stephanie and Sunset, I received a confidential call from a gentleman who got a look at this website and suggested I do a little research on a couple of incidents in California — a couple of murders that had the same “M.O.” — the same modus operandi, or method of playing out in the cases of Dr. Jagjit Sehdeva and Noorali Virani.

First, however, let me tell you about a day that began in a way that I can only describe as being stranger than fiction. I was told that Shafik Hirji allegedly had asked someone to buy him a gun on Backpage. He allegedly was looking for something to defend himself with — he was allegedly in feared for his life. I have to wonder who else did this guy screw over.

I find this interesting, because earlier this year, before I knew that he was a convicted felon, Shafik Hirji asked me to take him shooting. I didn’t think much of it at the time, however I wasn’t able to work that activity into my schedule that day. A while later, though, after I had found out that Shafik was a convicted felon, he asked me again to take him shooting. This time, I said no, that he was a convicted felon and if I did that, he and I both could very possibly get into serious trouble. I told him that he was someone known in legal parlance as a “prohibited person.” That meant he couldn’t touch or have access to a gun, let alone have one in his hands and shoot it.

If what I was allegedly told was true, anyone doing such a thing should look at the poster at right, entitled “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy”. Let this poster be a reminder for anyone who attempts to buy a gun for a prohibited person/convicted felon. It highlights the fact that if you do that, which is a violation of federal law, you could wind up with a 10-year jail sentence.

Now, as if the day couldn’t get any stranger, I’ll go back to the tip on two California murders. The person who relayed the information to me told me I should ask Shafik Hirji what he knew about the murder of a California doctor in November 1999. The doctor’s name was Jagjit Singh Sehdeva, and he was killed in the office of his hilltop home that overlooked the ocean in Playa del Rey.

Dr. Sehdeva, who was 60 years old at the time, was shot to death in the evening by two men, according to Los Angeles police detectives, who had tied up a housekeeper after gaining entrance to the house. No one else was home at the time. The police detectives said the intruders shot Sehdeva twice. Then they fled, dragging a heavy floor safe out the front door. Here’s a link to that story in the Los Angeles Times: Doctor Fatally Shot During Robbery at His Home.

The other item that is extremely interesting is that both Dr. Sehdeva and Shafik Hirji were tied together in a legal dispute that resulted in court proceedings and which was assigned Case No. 98A385737 in Clark County District Court here in Nevada. You can look it up here: Clark County Court Cases (Click District/Criminal Records link on that page, then use the dropdown and highlight “Party”, then copy and past or type in the name, “Sehdeva”, then hit the Search button.) See the document below:

The other California murder had very similar facts surrounding it: Two masked intruders, armed with handguns, gained entry to a man’s house in January 1998 in Torrence where they tied up and fatally shot the man, Noorali Virani. They also had tied up Virani’s brother and Virani’s 8-year-old son; however, they both managed to get free from their bonds and escape out a back window during what appeared to be a home invasion robbery, according to authorities at the time. Virani’s 4-year-old daughter also was asleep in a nearby room, police said.

Virani’s brother and 8-year-old son went to a neighbor’s house to call for help while the gunmen ransacked the residence, according to police. The two heard gunshots shortly afterward, the brother told police. There also was a safe that was removed, according to the confidential caller, which allegedly had very important papers in it. My confidential caller said he didn’t realize how important those papers were until years later, as they were allegedly related to an auto business.

What’s the alleged tie-in with Shafik Hirji, you ask? My confidential source says that Virani was the owner of several Purrfect Auto Service stores in California and that he wasn’t happy about the way business was going. Virani had collaborated with Hirji on the Purrfect Auto stores. Hirji was the owner of a number of Purrfect Auto Service stores in California at that time. Here’s the L.A. Times story on the incident: Torrence Man Killed in Robbery

I’m not accusing anyone of anything. All I’m doing is unearthing facts. And you have to look at the facts as I’ve found them, and weigh those facts against the grand scope of everything else I’ve been able to discover related to Shafik Hirji and his dealings with Purrfect Auto Service, USA Auto Service, Furniture Fashions, Champagne Salon & Spas, Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant and the Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant.

I spent a great deal of time researching all this during a day that was stranger than fiction and which left me speechless.

I’ll let all those who read this draw your own conclusions.


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