Is Shafik Hirji, at 59 Years Old, a “Bankable” Person? In Short, No. (My Opinion)

Is Shafik Hirji, at 59 years old, a “bankable” person?

In other words, can he financially qualify with a bank, a leasing company, or any lender to drive any of the three cars seen below?

The answer — in my opinion and from the research I’ve completed — is no.

I have done extensive research. You can see Shafik show-boating around as Mr. Big Shot. But he drives cars that he could not financially qualify for, which are in other family members’ names — therefore qualifying as what I call a phony baloney. It would be interesting to know if the landlord at the Boulevard Mall has been paid in accordance with agreements signed by Shafik Hirji and another family member.

I would bet Shafik would always pay his car payments first so he could maintain his air of prestige while letting his lease payments at the Boulevard Mall for Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant, Furniture Fashion 2 and his locations for Champagne Salon Spas I and II on Eastern Avenue in Henderson, lapse into late payment status.

A good-faith estimate for handling the monthly financial burden of these three cars — including Nevada license plates, insurance and the monthly car payments — would have to be about $9,000. That’s a lot of dough, more than $100,000 a year to drive just these three cars.

Just think, Shafik: If you took that same money and paid the Nevada Attorney General, you’d have your debt to the state paid off in three years.

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