Shafik Hirji and the Case of the Closing Stores – Olivia’s, Hatari, Furniture Fashion 3, Champagne Salon & Spa Stores (Both on Eastern Ave.)

Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant in Boulevard Mall closed (menu gone from front door – bottom left photo)

It feels like the ropes are tightening around Shafik Hirji and family and some of his revenue-generating enterprises. I’m specifically talking about a Furniture Fashions store in a back corner at Boulevard Mall next to the Goodwill store, the Hatari Sports Bar & Restaurant and Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant, also both at Boulevard Mall, and both Champagne Salon & Spas in Henderson on Eastern Avenue.

All closed, closed, closed, closed and closed. (Allegedly)

A Furniture Fashions pickup truck at the entrance of the closed Hatari Sports Bar and Restaurant

Interior of Hatari Sports Bar and Restaurant — closed, locked, no patrons late on a Friday afternoon.

Some you’ll see signs on the front doors that read, “We are currently closed due to remodeling. The reopen date has yet to be determined. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Remodeling. Right.

The Furniture Fashions store next to the Goodwill store is closed and completely empty of any inventory (see photo above).

Olivia’s has been closed for over a week, we’ve learned. I called their phone number, and get a recording that says that the phone number is no longer in service. I stopped by Hatari, which is almost next door to Olivia’s at Boulevard Mall, and that was locked up tight on a Friday afternoon when happy hour crowds should be jamming the place. No one was around except for a couple of people inside who appeared to be doing some cleaning. Hatari lasted, what, a few months? Olivia’s stayed open not much longer than that.

Revenue and cash flow streams are closing down on this convicted felon. The question is, how much longer can he stay afloat? And how much longer will he be able to hang onto his Mercedes and BMWs? I’ll save that topic for another post. Stay tuned.

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