Shafik Hirji’s All-Inclusive, Exclusive Excuse: Me! LOL

Shafik Hirji police mug shot handout

I’m certainly glad I wasn’t born anytime around the Great Depression or Shafik Hirji would have blamed me for that as well. It seems all his financial woes and not being able to pay people are somehow my fault. Let me make this clear: all that I did was raise money, become part owner of a store that I was locked out of and he instantly closed bank accounts and changed corporate names to further shove me out of the picture.

It has come to my attention that Shafik Hirji is having some trouble with cash flow. Somehow, he equates this to me. Nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore, I have become his all-inclusive, exclusive excuse, which is total nonsense, of course.

But in Shafik’s world, where his 22-year-old family member had a $2.8 million dollar (in liabilities) bankruptcy filing, and Judy Pham (alleged wife and baby momma) $250,000-plus liabilities, probably had nothing to do with him, either. I highly doubt that. And that’s my opinion based on research and facts.

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