Shafik Hirji and the Champagne Salon & Spa – Will it Reopen?

I received information that the Champagne Salon & Spas and other holdings, as a result of financial woes, are having trouble staying open and are in trouble of being take over by the original owners of the property they are leasing from. A person who claimed to be some sort of an employee brought to my attention that she thought the spa was closing and was concerned about receiving her paycheck.

Today, I decided to see for myself what was going on and took a quick trip down Eastern Avenue. The above photo is what I saw. Be your own judge. Take a look at this Channel 13 Action News report, which has lots of detail.

Be sure to take a look at the post below where I discuss Shafik Hirji’s all-inclusive, exclusive excuse for all his financial issues: me!

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