S.A. Barket Launches www.KLASTV.vegas Site Over Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

Welcome to my launch announcement of www.KLASTV.vegas.

After having more questions than answers about the relationship between Shafik Hirji and Joe Pedri of KLAS TV, I have decided to take a closer look at the ethics and code of conduct of KLAS TV that clearly doesn’t make a connection between money and ethics. In my mind, it’s completely unreasonable for a station to let a convicted felon, who was the subject of a series of revealing I-Team investigative reports, sponsor the Green Room for Las Vegas Now and be able to come and go freely on the set with guests accompanying him. Even more troubling are a series of three checks issued to KLAS TV (see below) that were unauthorized by a majority of shareholders of Sunset Furniture Inc., allegedly for what appears to be back payments to KLAS TV for other Furniture Fashions locations.

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