KLAS TV Lets Convicted Felon Shafik Hirji, Who Was Subject of I-Team Investigation, Sponsor Las Vegas Now Green Room

Judging from the photo above of the Green Room at Las Vegas Now, would you say that Shafik Hirji’s Furniture Fashions and KLAS TV were strange bedfellows?

Furniture Fashions sponsors the Green Room for Las Vegas Now. The writing, quite literally, is on the wall. The furniture and decorations in the room all come from Furniture Fashions. I shot this photo after being driven to KLAS TV by Shafik Hirji, who seemed to have the run of the place. He walked right into the station and said hello the the woman at the front desk, then said he was going to the Green Room and proceeded to lead me back there. No check-in, no “Please wait here and I’ll have someone meet you,” from the front desk lady. He just walked right in like he owned the place — or at least was a trusted employee.


This kind of treatment seems a little odd to me now, given that Shafik Hirji has been the subject of the TV station’s own I-Team investigative reports into business practices and legal issues surrounding multiple Purrfect Auto Service shops, of which Hirji is a straw owner. His name may not be on the paperwork of that business entity, but he clearly pulls the strings.

Purrfect Auto Service shops were accused of misleading customers into thinking they needed major repairs done to their vehicles, which actually turned out to be unnecessary, and not performing work that they said they had done, yet still charging customers for the work.

As a result of that, Shafik Hirji was slapped by the State of Nevada with a Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction of some $300,000 and running for being the mastermind of bilking unsuspecting consumers for years out of tens of thousands of dollars in unneeded and fraudulent auto repairs. You can some of the details of that case here: Attorney General Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction

All that and the money accountability issues I’ve had with Shafik Hirji add up to a very troubling mix. We’ll see where this all ends up, but it’s not looking good right now for Shafik Hirji.

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