Boulevard Mall Furniture Fashions Store 3 Closed Permanently

Furniture Fashions Store #3 at the back of Boulevard Mall is closed and empty.

Furniture Fashions Store #3 in Boulevard Mall — doors closed (left), holes where the sign used to be (right).

I’m not sure exactly what is going on with Furniture Fashions Store #3 in the back of the Boulevard Mall next to the Goodwill anchor store. But the reality is that the sign has been removed from above the entrance of the store, and the store is closed. (See photos above of empty Store #3 and empty space where the sign was removed. Click on the images to see them larger.) From what I understand, it’s been closed since the end of March.

I was told by a reliable source that, allegedly, when the free rent ran out, Shafik ran out.

Shafik told me that he is moving the store to another location in the mall — to the Foot Locker location — but you never know. Fact, fantasy or fiction? You decide. Your guess is as good as mine as to what’s happening.

All I know is that the sign is down, the doors are closed and are now locked, and nothing is happening.

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