An Open Letter to Shafik

There are times when you can forgive and forget, look at a glass and see it half full, not half empty. But there also are times when you have to wake up and smell the coffee — just to use a few old sayings. When it comes to Shafik Hirji, now is that time. As an equal partner and heavily involved in the most recent Furniture Fashions store to open up, I pretty much let Shafik do his thing. But when he bounced an interest payment check for $4,000 (after I recently raised and turned over to him one million dollars) I thought I had better get an accounting of what was going on. When I asked for that from Shafik, he acted as if I just uttered the worst insult about his mother and clammed up. My next contact regarding the matter was with Shafik’s lawyer, Harry P. Marquis. Thats when I really took notice. Just to summarize, please see my list of …

Shafik’s top five stupid mistakes that he’s made with me:

#5 — Make a deal of ownership in Sunset Furniture Inc., on 1/17/2017, then before the store opens, set up Furniture Boutique LLC on 3/10/2017.

#4 — Not complying with the state of Nevada Attorney General’s permanent injunction or paying a $300,000-plus still enforceable judgment to the state of Nevada.

#3 — Playing a shell game with family members regarding business entities, real estate and vehicles, and concealing and misrepresenting who and what he was.

#2 — Being so stupid to think I wouldn’t find out the truth in hiding bank statements for Sunset Furniture Inc. from Wells Fargo.

And the number one stupid, unforgivable, low-life, scumbag, miscreant mistake Shafik has made with me:

#1 — Telling two 18-year-old high school students to quit their jobs after supposedly hiring them but then not following through in allowing them to work at Furniture Fashions for Shafik Hirji.


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