Shafik Hirji Violates Attorney General’s Permanent Injunction Based on Documents in My Possession, Allegedly

The above check for $4,000 is from a DBA account with a family member’s name on it, which Shafik had supplied me along with bank statements from bank of America clearly showing he still has straw ownership, direction and management, which is hidden in approximately four USA Auto stores and four Purrfect Auto stores in the greater Las Vegas area. However, as you can read in the highlighted graphic below, he is barred from any participation in the automotive repair industry unless it’s clear and transparent according to the judgment and permanent injunction issued to him by the state of Nevada Office of the Attorney General – Bureau of Consumer Protection.

In several conversations I had initially with Shafik, the bottom line was that by showing me these items, if the furniture store expansion didn’t work out, he had enough cash flow from USA Auto and Purrfect Auto repair shops to cover investor interest payments (and he supplied the Bank of America statements showing huge amounts of cash flow).

What initially caused me concern over where the money I had just raised for Shafik Hirji and his chain of local Furniture Fashions stores — one million dollars, that is — had gone. An initial $4,000 check bounced when an investor tried to deposit it into his account. And now Shafik won’t even talk to me. Simply because I asked for accountability related to the investment money.

Below is a page excerpt of a Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction filed by the state of Nevada Office of the Attorney General – Bureau of Consumer Protection. As you’ll see in the highlighted portion, Shafik Hirji is permanently enjoined from “… continuing to engage or participate in the automotive repair business in any manner, either directly or indirectly except by way of open and transparent ownership and/or control and in compliance with the laws in the state of Nevada …”

So why is Shafik showing me pages of Bank of America statements detailing cash flow, deposits and withdrawals, of both Purrfect Auto Service and USA Auto Service as proof that he has enough liquidity on a monthly basis as collateral for the Furniture Fashions loan? How did he get the records? He has family members on the accounts, is he still calling the shots and profiting from these businesses even though he has been forbidden by the state of Nevada’s Attorney General from doing so?

Lots of questions for Shafik Hirji to answer.

Shafik Hirji has still not made good on the $300,000 judgment which is in full force and effect to the state of Nevada.

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