Shafik Hirji at Christmas Eve Tells Tall Tales (in a House He Never Owned)

Shafik Hirji invited me over to what he said was his home for a Christmas Eve party last year, Dec. 24, 2016.

At right is the guest pass I was given to allow me access to the neighborhood and to be able to park at his house.

Shafik adamantly insisted that he owned the home. He was directing last-minute decoration placements and getting a SONOS sound system set up just before the party was to begin. (See my other post on that here: Shafik Hirji’s and Brandy’s Seven Hills Love Shack)

It’s a very nice place — I’d estimate about a million dollar home. Problem is, in my research, I’ve found that Shafik is not the actual owner of the property. I found the property owner and called him. He said he never had heard of a Shafik Hirji. Interesting. How does someone like Shafik Hirji wind up in a million dollar home without the actual property owner even knowing him?

What shell company or person is involved in this? We will find out.

More Shafik Mystique mysteries to unravel.

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