Shafik Hirji and Brandy’s Seven Hills Love Shack! (Only Problem, the Real Home Owner Never Heard of Shafik)

Shafik Hirji has talked a lot about the house he’s living in intermittently in Seven Hills. I’m calling it a “Love Shack” (oh, right, that allegedly had no kissing or sex related to it) because it was where he lived with former escort and companion Brandy Brown (who was allegedly paid to be his companion, by the way). Shafik also brags about two other homes he owns on Jacaranda Bay Street.

I was curious about Shafik Hirji’s real estate dealings after remembering a story from some years ago that reported on Shafik’s arrest due to a mortgage scam. According to reports, Hirji, of Las Vegas, was accused of financing a home belonging to an acquaintance and embezzling the proceeds.

The indictment alleged that Hirji filled out loan documents, got a notary to sign them, and then presented them to a lender. Hirji allegedly then had the funds deposited into a bank account under his control. According to news reports, he was charged with three felony counts of forgery and a felony count of controlling property worth at least $2,500 belonging to another person with the intent of depriving that individual of the property. He was alleged to have fraudulently netted $101,606 in April 2007 in connection with a loan taken on property in Henderson.

So I did a little digging. Today, I spoke to the actual owner of the property (who is an attorney) of this million dollar home in Seven Hills on Botticelli Drive that Shafik is living in. The actual, real owner (not Shafik) explained to me that he had never heard of the name, Shafik Hirji, and had no idea who he was.


How does that happen? This is not a throw-away property managed by some slum lord. Again, we’re talking about a home valued at about a million dollars, give or take.

Until I spoke with the actual owner, I had assumed that Shafik Hirji owned the home, because he insisted that he did. He went into overdrive going on and on about it when I visited him there on Christmas Eve in 2016 after he invited me over. He had a whole crew there working on the house and must have had about five workers setting up a SONOS sound system as well as placing other decorations and getting the home ready for the guests he had invited for a holiday party. Shafik loves ping pong, and he talked about how he imagined us playing ping pong games there once it was all set up.

I also received information that someone named Armstrong or Anderson had allegedly been living in that house at some point and possibly presented the owner with bad checks. This was an anonymous source from whom I got this information and have not corroborated it with any other sources.

How does someone like Shafik Hirji get away with doing stuff like this?

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