Shafik Hirji — An Ethical Businessman?

Would you do business with a man who has been served a Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction of some $300,000 and running for being the mastermind of bilking unsuspecting consumers for years out of tens of thousands of dollars in unneeded and fraudulent auto repairs? A man who has been ordered to pay restitution in the hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result? (See below)

Court documents show a long line of unsuspecting customers being taken at a number of Purrfect Auto Service repair facilities in California and in the Las Vegas area. As a result, the state of Nevada organized and performed a sting operation at Purrfect Auto Service locations to bring to light the fraud being carried out.

The documents detail the scams run at these repair shops showing how a trip for a minor thing like an oil change could turn into thousands of dollars of other work being presented to customers as being needed. Customers would accept the work suggested but in some cases the shops would never do the work yet still charge the customers.

To quote from the Stipulated Judgment document provided by the state of Nevada,

“The scheme perpetuated at all of the PAS [Purrfect Auto Service] locations controlled by Hirji consists of selling unnecessary repairs and charging for parts that were never installed. … Also, in most cases, if not all cases, customers pay for what are commonly called “phantom services” where, although paid for by the customer, services are not done and parts are not replaced.”

Here’s an excerpt from a stipulated judgment to give you an idea of how Purrfect Auto Service operated:

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