Judy Pham, Victim or Co-Defendant? My Opinion – Victim

I would not include any family members in a website such as this one, but in this particular case I have a great amount of concern for Judy Pham, the woman who Shafik Hirji has indicated to me is his wife.

I have personally met Judy, and she always has been a classy, forthright individual and has treated me well. As I mentioned, Shafik Hirji has indicated to me that Judy is his wife and that they have a beautiful little daughter together.

After reviewing pages and pages of information and documentation, I have found that Judy has tax liens — both federal and Nevada Department of Taxation — and a bankruptcy. (See below — click twice to see full-size)

At first blush it puts Judy in a bad light. But as I’ve gotten to know Shafik Hirji more and more, I’m wondering if Judy isn’t just another victim of his. After all, Shafik Hirji has admitted to me that Judy is cold to him and has asked him to leave on several occasions. Maybe that’s why up until recently Shafik Hirji was often seen with model Brandy Brown on his arm in public. Looks like Brandy has gotten wise to him, too, as she no longer accompanies him like she has done before. You can find more about Brandy Brown here: Brandy Brown Paid for Companionship.

It looks to me like Judy’s in a tough spot.

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