Brandy Brown, Las Vegas Model, Paid for Companionship by Shafik Hirji (Allegedly)

When you’re a model trying to make it anywhere, you do what you need to do to get yourself out there, to get paid for jobs.

Brandy Brown picked up a doozy of a job when she connected with Shafik Hirji. She was allegedly paid for her companionship with Shafik — to be with him at public events, to smile and look pretty. With Brandy Brown on his arm, Shafik Hirji took a definite step up in class and in presenting a positive impression to others.

I was told by a credible source that Shafik allegedly paid her bills of approximately $7,500 a month and gave her spending money in addition to that. But there were conditions that Brandy demanded: no kissing and no sex. (Allegedly she told a source that she had to carry mints to give to him because his breath was so bad — that and that he had a really cheap toupee.)

I also learned that she and Shafik Hirji took a trip to New York together. They stayed at the same hotel, but in separate rooms.

She didn’t stay with this job for too long as she told me in a phone call that Shafik Hirji kicked her out of his Seven Hills home. They went their separate ways but not before she was stuck with a $5,000 credit card bill for gifts that she said Shafik Hirji had her purchase for his employees during the holidays last year. She confirmed this to me directly in a conversation I had with her.

A background check that I had done showed that she was listed as an employee at an alleged Shafik Hirji straw-owned business known as USA Auto Service on Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas, although she claims that she never worked there. There’s a theory that Shafik Hirji listed her as an employee at USA Auto to help her acquire a 2016 Mercedes Benz 300 coupe.

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