Shafik Hirji Phoney Baloney Real Estate Fiasco

According to Clark County records, none of these homes shown below that Shafik Hirji uses as his primary residences are owned by him or any of his straw holdings. Although he adamantly defends that he owns them.

House 1 on Jacaranda Bay Street:

He may use these as primary residences, but none of them are his.

It makes me half wonder if he’s not squatting in them. But that’s just a random thought — I don’t think he’s really doing that. (Although with Shafik, you never really know …)

House 2 on Jacaranda Bay Street:

Here’s what I like to call Shafik’s and Brandy’s Seven Hills Love Shack:

You can read more about this one in this post: Bombshell! Shafik’s and Brandy’s Seven Hills Love Shack.

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