Shafik Hirji, Phoney Baloney Judgment-Proof Deadbeat Drives $400,000 in Mercedes in Other People’s Names

Mr. Big Shot can be seen driving around town in three Mercedes S550’s that don’t actually belong to him, which I’ve 100 percent verified:

A white 2015 sedan, like this one:

A 2016 blue coupe, like this one:

And a 2017 black convertible coupe like this one:

According to a records check, none of these cars are registered in his name. We can say that unequivocally. Yet he has immediate access to all three of these cars on any given day. Another straw transaction.

Shafik’s M.O. is to get a family member or relatives to sign on the line to keep up his phoney baloney image, when the truth of the matter is that he couldn’t get financed for a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Total deadbeat.

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