LIGHTS OUT On Furniture Fashion! Another Straw-Owned Company Controlled by Shafik Hirji

Another straw business that Shafiq Hirji manages and manipulates (in my humble opinion) is known as Furniture Fashions. He has several of these stores in the Las Vegas area.

Around the beginning of March, while traveling, got a call from Shafik letting me know that they removed the electric bill from auto pay and they shut the electricity off.

It caused the store to be closed for half a day.

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I heard from sources that Shafik either did not pay the bill or that the check to Nevada Electric was returned.

How does a man who has to manage thousands of dollars a month in personal car payments, and run a group of furniture stores and auto repair shops, not make a payment to Nevada Electric to keep the lights on in one of his stores?

Perhaps Shafik had to use money to make thousands of dollars of payments on Mercedes cars he uses, but which on paper he doesn’t really own.

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